These stations are equipped with a digital display that shows the current measured value. As a novelty, we prepared for our customers connecting these devices with a computer that can evaluate any defects and SMS messages to notify the owner or directly to our service technician about identified defects or faults. We recommend to these dosing system to incorporate into the filter distribution the UV lamps, thanks to which water demand for chlorine is  minimized, water is suitable for allergy sufferers or people suffering from skin disease.

Pool dosing system – chemical automatic system – automatically measures and doses to the pool water pH minus a measure ORP (redox potential), and doses disinfection – most often sodium hypochlorite. Automatic pool chemical dosing system contains appropriate dosing pumps with the measurement and digital display of the individual measured variables, as well as measuring the flow cell, measuring probe and the appropriate calibration solutions. Chemical dosing station has a very high reliability with simplicity and user- friendliness.